When LHDI was invited to lead the master planning and architectural design of two resort projects in Haiti’s island paradise of Isle a Vache we proceeded into the unknown. Located just a short boat ride from the South Coast, the island was a tremendous surprise, and what we found was one of the most beautiful resort sites ever seen; visually interesting topographical features, a sugar white sand beach, and crisp clear turquoise waters.

Designed as two different but complimentary resorts, both properties share this stunning common beach.

The largest parcel is designed as a 200 key Family resort. Using very traditional Haitian design motifs, the resort is planned in a very free form and organic way along the curving topographic contours of the land. Pools are also meandering and amorphous, winding along the various platforms and looking to the soft ocean waters. Buildings are designed as small and intimate bungalow style clusters, all single loaded to enjoy the vistas. A large multi level water park pool is the defining signature feature of the resort.

The smaller parcel is was designed as a Adult’s Only resort of 150 keys. The architectural character evolved as a sort of contemporary and chic design style, with minimalist volumes, clean sweeping roof overhangs, and pale paint colors. The pools are geometric and axial, with large cantilevers of water and infinity edge cascades. The resort runs along a spectacular rock escarpment, with small room buildings hanging off the rocky outcrops and terracing down the bold jagged grades.

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