inspired visions.
unrivaled destinations.

Leisure & Hospitality Design International (LHDI) burst onto the scene in 2000 with two visionary hotel concepts, one very trusting client, and a mind overflowing with ideas. Since then, our passion for creating extraordinary places has led us to develop some of the most dynamic destinations in the world. These projects are located in some of the most spectacular places on earth, where crystalline waters lap the sugar sand beach, the rarest of birds soar the skies overhead, and exotic animals prowl just beyond the trees. Our team has designed and built more than 40 leisure and hospitality projects across 4 continents. And we’re just getting started. Though we’ve come far from those humble beginnings, nothing propels us out of bed in the morning like the prospect of turning our clients’ grandest dreams into even grander reality. Of creating places that change the way people see and experience our world.


  • Design

    Whether we’re putting the finishing touches on a luxurious resort or perfecting the finer details of a charming restaurant, LHDI exceeds clients’ expectations by wowing guests time and again. With an eye for detail and an innovative approach, we celebrate each project’s unique location, culture and heritage. The result: magical destinations that lure visitors back year after year.

  • History

    Launched in 2000 as a firm specializing primarily in architectural design, LHDI has expanded over the years beyond architectural design, evolving into the go-to firm for large-scale master planning, destination branding, multi-use development, and development consulting.

  • People

    LHDI was founded by Ken Shannon, an architect with a developer’s mindset and businessman’s savvy. His drive for creating exceptional destinations sets the tone for each project and is the reason his clients select LHDI over and over again. Today, LHDI draws on the talents of experienced architects, engineers, designers, and construction experts to develop landmark leisure and hospitality projects that span the globe.

  • Collaboration

    Our work style might be called unique, but it’s what makes us who we are. We kick off every project with a site tour followed by an energetic charette, bringing together as many voices, visions and specialties as we can fit into a room. It gets loud sometimes, but it sets the tone for turning around wonderful, successful projects that go far beyond our clients’ expectations.