Formerly one of the original resorts in Cancun, the acclaimed Camino Real ¬†was designed by Contemporary Mexican Architect Ricardo Legoretta in the early 1970’s. A victim of its own success, the resort had received multiple additions and renovations over its 40 year plus lifespan, and had become a sort of ‘hodge podge’ of volumes and random circulation routes that functioned poorly but nonetheless had a legacy following of loyal guests over the years. Surrounded on three sides by water, the property is unquestionably the best in the destination.

LHDI and TLDI were brought into the picture in mid 2013 to effect a massive re-design, construct significant additions/ keys and then rebrand the resort as the Hyatt Ziva Cancun. The process involved extensive demolition of poor conceived areas, additions of all new central facilities and a new 12 story room tower, plus deep renovations of the few remaining structures. Most significantly, the design solution involved creating a wide Caribbean Village bridge connection to allow guests to flow easily between the North and South beaches of the property, while creating a vibrant hub of food & beverage outlets along the way.

Signature design features include the rooftop infinity pool with ‘see through’ glass paneled floors, a monumental stairway which doubles as a theater, and a ring of connecting swim up suites overlooking the rugged East coastline.

Special thanks to Kince Architects who were our partners in the development of Hyatt Ziva Cancun.

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