The Dreams La Romana Resort project was a extensive renovation and re-branding effort. The project was a classic case of a hotel with fundamentally good bones, but one that was tired and required major updating and additions to be competitive with other resorts in the same market.

LHDI/ TLDI undertook the design challenge; completely re-designing, renovating, and re-building the project, and quickly re- opened the resort in time for the tourist high season in December 2008. It was an enormous task; first because the project was so large, and secondly because the existing base buildings were in very poor condition.

Placing a team on the ground, and following the project management/ construction management leadership of TLDI, the entire resort was stripped down, redesigned, and then rapidly rebuilt. Fast-track processes were instituted with design and construction being executed simultaneously, all the while working hand in hand with the operators and the asset owners.

New work included completely renovating 590 hotel bays, expansion of the lobby and lobby bar, conversion of the resort theater to new themed restaurants, construction of new convention facilities and a casino, construction of a new Preferred VIP Club with club pool and restaurant, and deep renovations of the Seaside Grill and Buffet Restaurants.

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