LHDI is not often asked to participate in government residential housing initiatives, but when we were invited by Bouygues Construction and the Government of Curacao to lead the Conceptual Design effort of Wechi Village, we were extremely excited and honored. Wechi was envisioned to be a very large master planned housing community with a broad selection of home types and sizes, supplemented by all the amenities any future resident could ever wish for, all located in the heart of beautiful Curacao!

The project goal, as so clearly stated in the initial design meetings was: “We want something that caters to the Mind, Body, and Spirit!”

Wechi Village is traditionally master planned as a radial design concept, with a central gathering ‘town center’, and a series of radiating roadway spines extending outward from the core. The rings of radial development are marked by various types of housing, while there are specific important amenity nodes also connected to the central village. Included in the Planning Development Program are Schools, A Sports/ Wellness Center, A House of Worship, and Commercial Shopping Areas. The perimeter areas of the project were set aside as green landscaping buffers, and small pocket parks are carefully located inside the master plan in key places.

The entire project was designed in a  simple yet timeless Contemporary Dutch Caribbean Style of architecture.

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