Seventh Harbor was aptly named as it is located in Kingston Harbor, the seventh deepest harbor in the world. The project was a designed as a waterfront re-development of a large parcel of unused land directly adjacent to Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport.

Although Kingston is the business center for Jamaica, it has always been considered a secondary destination compared to world famous Montego Bay in attracting  tourists.  The concept for Seventh Harbor was to help re-vitalize the city, and also to take full advantage of ‘Brand Jamaica’; creating a place which would offer visitors an upscale themed urban commercial center to visit in while in Kingston.

Included in the development was a 350 key business/ resort hotel, a large water park attraction, multiple themed restaurants,  and an entertainment field venue for 20,000 spectators. The Marina/ Marina Village was designed to accommodate and to support the newest and largest cruise ships in the world, with a themed Island Village composed of shops and market booths.

Special thanks to MODE Architects, our partners in Jamaica, who are incredibly talented yet humble architeectural and interior designers; and who gently lead us in the right design direction time after time when we stumbled.

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